Holey Rock, LLC Creates Signature LED Aquarium Lighting April 13 2014

We've been working hard over the past few months to provide you guys with the best cichlid show tank lighting available.

Introducing our HoleyRock.com Signature LED aquarium lighting series. Designed specifically to enhance the color of your cichlids and Texas holey rock. Hand made in the USA using only top-quality components and engineered specifically for your unique needs. These fixtures are designed to meet industrial standards and are built to last for years of enjoyment.

We've partnered with a rising star in the high-end LED lighting arena, Build My LED, and have spent countless hours creating the best looking cichlid show tank light spectrum that we've ever seen. It's a HoleyRock.com exclusive.

You'll see that this LED light is not only well made but looks amazing too. Blues are rich and deep. Yellows pop. Reds are intense and vibrant, and your holey rock will look whiter than ever. Turn your so-so tank into a work of art!

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- Jason