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Great for Aquariums 50-75 Gallons 

This hand-picked selection of Texas holey rocks is a staple of killer cichlid aquariums around the globe. Most rocks range in size from around 6-20 inches at their largest dimensions. Many of the rocks will be about the size of an American football with the occasional rock twice the width of a football. You will receive an awesome mix of genuine holey rocks and most of the 60 lb groups that we ship will yield 4-7 pieces. This grouping offers an array of cave opportunities too! Hole sizes will range from 0.5-1 inch in diameter. Hole density will vary from one hole to multiple holes. As always our rocks will be professionally packed and insured. 

For the safety of your fish, our bulk Texas holey rocks have been pressure washed but not chemically treated to bleach the color.

We ship globally.

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