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Suitable for 75-125 Gallon Aquariums

Includes 8-13 Texas Holey Rocks (approximately 8" to 14")

Texas Holey Rock is one of the best-kept secrets to a perfect cichlid tank. This unique decorative rock kit is guaranteed to showcase the beautiful shapes and colors of your cichlids while raising the pH of your tank to healthy, life-sustaining levels.

Our exclusive Texas Holey Rocks are harvested and hand-selected from a tiny area in central Texas, where they have been shaped and smoothed by nearby fresh water sources over thousands of years.

Each Holey Rock has been pressure-washed with water — not chemically treated — to bring out their natural ivory color.

Kit Details

  • Approx. 8-13 rocks, perfect for a 75-125 gallon aquarium of thriving, happy cichlids.
  • Rocks are about the size an American football.
  • Perfect for a natural looking stacked aquascape.
  • Hole sizes range from 0.5-1.75 inch in diameter, and hole density ranges from one hole to multiple holes.

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Customers Testimonials

I will definitely be setting my mbuna tank up! I was flabbergasted by the pH. It was glorious and the fish were elated. They look like and are acting like they are floating in Malawi!" - John

"Beautiful rocks. High quality. My pleco and cichlids are much more peaceful and happy with these in my tank." - Osman

"Great service. Order came in a timely matter and the rock was great." - Ryan

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