Why Texas Holey Rocks?

Genuine, All-Natural Stone Product
Unlike manufactured holey rock replicas, our Texas Holey Rocks are an all-natural stone product harvested from an exclusive area of central Texas. Each rock is carefully hand selected, inspected and pressure-washed with pure water to ensure the health and beauty of your cichlid tank.

Aquascape Your Tank
Texas Holey Rocks are perfect building blocks for creating the ultimate Mbuna stack or open swimming space for your Peacocks, Haps and Frontosas.

Water Hardness and pH Solved
Are you struggling with water parameters for your cichlid tank? Have soft tap water? Messing with chemical buffers after every water change? That's a drag. We can fix it. Cichlids need a higher water pH and Texas Holey Rock buffers the pH levels naturally to make your African cichlids happy and vibrantly-colored.

image of cichlid water ph scale for why texas holey rocks page

Lasts a Lifetime
Unlike synthetic "holey rocks," which don’t offer the pH buffering benefits for your cichlids and end up in the trash after 24-36 months of use, our all-natural Texas Holey Rocks retain their value and beauty for a lifetime.

Easy to Buy
Each Holey Rock description lists the tank size recommendation. Get started now by adding the correct Holey Rock kit to your cart. Tip: 60 lbs. of medium size Texas Holey Rock is the most popular for 55 gallon tanks.

FREE and Quick Shipping
Your order will be packed with care and shipped promptly to your doorstep. Shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
We’re confident you’ll be happy after a year of using our Texas Holey Rocks that we will offer you a full refund of the original purchase price for up to one year. To learn more, visit our Guarantee page.