Our Story

It was 2004 and Jason White was setting up a new cichlid tank in his small one bedroom condominium in Austin,Texas. After hours of research and conversations with other enthusiasts, he discovered the need for having Texas Holey Rock in his tank. Jason found that his cichlids thrived when these rocks were part of their habitat. He also viewed these beautiful natural stones as works of art in their own right. 

Jason’s love for collecting rare vibrant cichlids and one of a kind Holey Rock has flourished since then and was the driving force behind developing HoleyRock.com. Selling the most desirable Texas Holey Rock has enabled us to help our customers aquascape their cichlid tank for their homes and businesses.

Today, we supply passionate aquarists, just like you, around the world with the finest Texas Holey Rock available. Our team is highly skilled and capable of assisting with an aquascape project of any scale, requirement, or deadline.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the worldwide leading supplier of Texas Holey Rock while delivering exceptional service and utilizing the best technology available for a seamless customer experience.

Holey Rock, LLC is located in Austin, Texas – the music and Texas Holey Rock capital of the world!