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Your pH Problems Solved - Are you struggling with your water parameters? The good news is that our natural Texas holey rock is not only beautiful but it also provides all of the water pH buffering benefits that you've been reading about. A perfectly pH balanced tank will make your fish happy and their colors vibrant!

It's a Great Investment - Not only do our Texas holey rocks buffer the pH of your tank water but our natural holey rocks also retain their value and beauty whereas synthetic "holey rocks" are unfortunately throwaway items and do not offer any of the pH buffering benefits that your cichlids need. Don't let your investment float away. These natural beauties will last you a lifetime. 

Aquascape Your Tank - Do you want a beautiful tank and happy fish? It's easy to get both. Simply add any combination of Small Rocks (around 6"), Large Rocks (around 15-24") or Mixed Rocks ( 5-20") to your cart. Your genuine holey rocks will be hand selected from our inventory. They are the perfect building blocks for creating the ultimate Mbuna stack or open Peacock swimming space. Go ahead! Have fun. We'll ship them to you fast and you will be impressing your friends and family in no time. Best of all, you are getting a great deal because you are buying direct from the Texas source...we supply many retailers across the US. 

Customer Reviews

1. "I just received my holey rock. I couldn't be happier. Wasn't sure what I was going to be getting buying bulk but they are really nice pieces and it made such a difference in my tank. I will recommend you to all my friends and family with aquariums. Thank you and I will purchase more." - Shawn

2. "Thanks again for the EXCELLENT service and I can't wait to recommend you guys as soon as I have people over asking me where I got my rocks! This tank is going to look incredible." - Alex 

3. "The rocks look great. Just the rocks I would have picked if I were there!..." - Cindy

4. "Thank you so much. I received my rocks yesterday and they were fantastic!! They were packaged better than I have seen some companies package crystal glass. They were in great shape and their appearance was superb. The cost was very reasonable and the rocks are worth far more than what I paid for them. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who truly understands what customer service means. Thanks again!" - Mark

5. "I just received my 60lb bulk shipment today. WOW doesn't even cut it! I am absolutely blown away by the pieces you sent me. I was expecting "American football sized", but the largest piece is almost the size of a beach ball! I couldn't be happier. Thanks a million, you guys rock! Add another loyal customer to your list!" - Josh

6. "I received the box of rocks today. Incredible! Did not expect what you sent. Again thanks for your great customer service." - Brian

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