Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you ship to Canada?

A:  Yes! Discounted international shipping is calculated at checkout. Simply add our Texas Holey Rock to your cart to see the calculated post rate.

Want to save on shipping costs? Eastern and Western Canadian customers can use a freight forwarding service. Freight forwarders specialize in coordinating shipments, paperwork, and can help lower costs. We ship for free to the locations listed below.

Eastern Canadians contact:

Freeport Forwarding
+1 518-298-8582
11320 Route #9
Champlain, NY 12919 USA

Western Canadians contact:

TSB shipping
+1 360-945-0740
574 Gulf Rd
Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA

Canadians close to Toronto contact:

The UPS Store
+1 716-298-4461
1623 Military Rd.
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
They charge a $15 fee to receive and $1/day to store your package.

Canadians close to Montreal contact:

Border Mail Depot
+1 518-208-3028
102 W. Service Rd.
Champlain NY 12919

Canadians close to Vancouver contact:

The UPS Store
+1 360-306-3159
1733 H St. Ste 450
Blaine, WA 98230
They charge a $3 fee to receive and $0.50/day to store your package.

Shipping is free within the contiguous USA, including to the companies listed above. Cheers!

Q:  I have a 100 gallon aquarium. How many pounds of Holey Rock do I need?

A:  Great question! We have found that our customers generally prefer the look of 1-1.5 pounds of Texas Holey Rock per gallon of tank volume. This will achieve a stacked look forming several caves for your fish between the rocks. Our 120 lb Texas Holey Rock kit will do the trick. 

Q: Can I use Holey Rock for my saltwater reef aquarium?

A: You can, but...note that Texas Holey Rock is a very dense rock which does not allow microbes to penetrate the surface (think of ocean live rock as a household sponge and harbor for bacterial colonies) and thus our rock will not count towards the same lb/gallon filtration ratio. However, our Holey Rock is a good, lower cost alternative to base rock. If you are looking for base rock, this may be a lower cost solution for you. One approach is to use our Holey Rock as the base and put live rock on top of the stack. You'll be able to build an attractive reef tank wall for a fraction of the price. Your aquarium water may initially go through a mini-cycle when the new Holey Rock is introduced so be sure to do water checks. Over time the Holey Rock base will become established. Our Texas Holey Rock kits will be your best value.

Q:  We just got our aquarium set up and are unsure of what we need. Can you help us?

A:  We're happy to help. Simply call or message us for guidance to choose the right Holey Rock kit for your tank. We also have a free fish tank setup guide 

Q:  Do you sell wholesale?

A:   We do! We have wholesale palletized shipments available, starting at 2,000 pounds. Feel free to contact us if you have special requirements or questions. We supply many local fish stores and professional aquarium installers across the country. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

If you have a lower inventory turnover, our 180 pounds of medium size Holey Rock will be your best value. We ship these UPS Ground in three 60 pound boxes. You will receive a nice selection of sizes to fill the bins for your customers. You can purchase direct from our store at any time - the price you see on our website is our best price available for smaller quantities.

Q:  If I come to Austin, can I pick out my rocks?

A:   We only sell direct through our website, sorry. If you are looking for something special, call us! We're here to help aquascape your tank and we will ship for free to your doorstep. Our customers are delighted with the genuine Texas Holey Rock that we ship to them - read our customer testimonials. We also offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.