Q:  Can you ship outside of the U.S.?

A:  Yes. We have international carriers that can deliver your holey rock as fast as five days. Additional shipping costs do apply for international orders.

Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  We offer FREE domestic shipping on most orders. International shipping rates are based on location.

Q:  I have a 100 gallon tank. How many pounds of holey rock do I need?

A:  Great question! We have found that our customers generally prefer the look of 1-1.5 pounds of Texas holey rock per gallon of tank volume. This will achieve a stacked look forming several caves for your fish between the rocks. Also, it's nice to have a few extra holey rocks on hand for a broader selection to aquascape your tank with. This rule of thumb would exclude the exclusive use of showpieces or if you are going for a minimalist look for your tank. 

Q: Can I use holey rock for my saltwater reef tank?

A: You can, but...note that Texas holey rock is a very dense rock which does not allow microbes to penetrate the surface (think of ocean live rock as a household sponge and harbor for bacterial colonies) and thus our rock will not count towards the lbs/gallon filtration ratio. However, our holey rock is a good, lower cost alternative to base rock. If you are looking for base rock, this may be a lower cost solution for you. One approach is to use our holey rock as the base and put live rock on top of the stack. You'll be able to build an attractive reef tank wall for a fraction of the price. Your aquarium water may initially go through a mini-cycle when the new holey rock is introduced so be sure to do water checks. Over time the holey rock base will become established. Our bulk holey rock packs will be your best deal.

Q:  I am currently setting up a new cichlid tank and I found an aquascape picture of a tank set up that I really like. I am using it as my inspiration. Can you help me come close to the picture?

A:  That is our specialty! Simply email us the image along with your tank's dimensions and your budget and we will look through our inventory of several thousand pounds of Texas holey rock to find the closest match to the look you are going for. We will need to know the dimensions of your tank, a description of type of look you would like to achieve (photos are very helpful), and a budget you would like to stay within.

Q:  We just got our aquarium set up and are unsure of what we need. Can you help us?

A:  It would be our pleasure. Simply call us and we will be happy to walk you through shopping for your new holey rock. 

Q:  I have a large [500 gallon] tank. Do you have any rocks that would work?

A:   We do. We have several large holey rocks with amazing features and texture that are 2-4 feet wide. Contact us to see what is currently available.

Q:  If I come to Austin can I pick out my own rocks?

A:   Sorry, we only sell direct through our website. If you are looking for something special, call us! We're here to help aquascape your tank.