Texas Holey Rock

We are passionate about providing the best, hand-selected natural Texas Holey Rock available to create a stunning African cichlid tank. Holey Rock, LLC is the leading supplier of genuine Texas Holey Rock harvested from an exclusive area in central Texas. We ship our Holey Rock to your doorstep and we also work with commercial aquarium installers across the globe to help create stunning aquatic displays.

All Natural

Our Texas Holey Rock is a natural solution for fixing your cichlid water hardness and pH problems. Skip the hassle and guessing with chemical water pH buffers. Our natural Texas Holey Rock safely and easily buffers and stabilizes your aquarium water parameters. The natural buffering effect is achieved by the slow release of calcium, magnesium, and carbonate elements into the water. This natural mineral release does not cloud your water. You will immediately benefit from using Holey Rock in your tank and your cichlids will thrive in the optimal water conditions. The end result? Happy and vibrantly-colored cichlids for you to enjoy.

Simple Shopping

We offer a quick and easy shopping experience, professionally pack your order and ship promptly to your doorstep. Our Holey Rock kits are grouped by tank size and covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. Shop our Texas Holey Rock for sale and get FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders!

Aquascape Your Tank

Cichlid enthusiasts love aquascaping their tank with Texas Holey Rock. Holey Rock is perfect building blocks for creating the ultimate Mbuna stack or open swimming space for Peacocks, Haps and Frontosas. African cichlids love the holes and cave formations in their habitat. When you add Holey Rock to your tank you will notice a calming effect on your cichlids. This is what we discovered many years ago when we set up one of our first cichlid tanks and now you can have this secret ingredient for your tank too. From the large-hole-loving Frontosa to cave-seeking Mbunas, we've got you covered! We are cichlid enthusiasts just like you and we are here to help.

image of why texas holey rocks

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