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Suitable for 75+ Gallon Aquariums

Includes 2-3 Texas Holey Rocks (approximately 14" to 20")

Acrylic aquarium owners: The top opening of your acrylic aquarium must be at least 12" x 20" in order to fit large-sized Texas Holey Rocks (they are pancake or football shaped). If your aquarium dimensions are smaller than 12" x 20", check out the medium-sized Holey Rock.

Texas Holey Rock is one of the best-kept secrets to a perfect cichlid tank. This unique decorative rock kit is guaranteed to showcase the beautiful shapes and colors of your cichlids while raising the pH of your tank to healthy, life-sustaining levels.

Our exclusive Texas Holey Rocks are harvested and hand-selected from a tiny area in central Texas, where they have been shaped and smoothed by nearby fresh water sources over thousands of years.

Each Holey Rock has been pressure-washed with water — not chemically treated — to bring out their natural ivory color.

Kit Details

  • Approx. 2-3 rocks, perfect for a 75+ gallon aquarium of thriving, happy cichlids.
  • Provides a clean aquascape look and open swimming space for your Hap and Peacock cichlids.
  • Hole sizes range from 0.5-2 inches in diameter, and hole density ranges from one hole to multiple holes.

Your order will be packed with care and shipped promptly to your doorstep. You and your fish will notice the difference immediately!

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Customers Testimonials

"I received the box of rocks today. Incredible! Did not expect what you sent. Again thanks for your great customer service." - Brian

 "I just received my 60lb kit shipment today. WOW doesn't even cut it! I am absolutely blown away by the pieces you sent me. I couldn't be happier. Thanks a million, you guys rock! Add another loyal customer to your list!" - Josh

"I love the rocks! They've completely transformed my tank. They look great and my fish love them." - Dominique

"Very happy, will be buying more in the future." - Greg

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